The Mega Book of Excel Shortcuts

The Mega Book of Excel Shortcuts

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With this keyboard shortcuts ebook, you will be able to take complete advantage of all of Excel’s features and save a lot of time and effort in the process. With over 300 keyboard shortcuts to keep you organized, focused on what’s important, and increase your productivity level to 100%! This is the one tool that every Excel user should have.

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Why learn Excel shortcuts?

-Save time on routine office work
-Impress co-workers
-Get raises and promotions
-Enjoy yourself while using Excel

You will become a faster, more proficient user of this core office application.

Others in your office will take notice. Your skill could lead to more meaningful assignments, raises, and career advancement.

It is my unscientific observation that most users leverage 20% or less of Excel’s power.

Shortcuts in Excel comprise one of the features that are often underutilized.

This book will give you a solid foundation of shortcuts to use in a variety of situations. Included are more efficient ways to paste values, AutoFit columns, create hyperlinks, remove borders, and more.

Get started today and see your productivity skyrocket!

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