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😱 25+ Hours

This is the amount of time our ChatGPT Marketing Bible can save for you every week by using ChatGPT at optimal Level

💸 Do you understand what is the meaning of the above time you saved

✅ Spend less time doing boring, repetitive tasks

✅ Enjoy more hours in your genius zone (ie. strategic thinking, creativity, one-on-one connections)

✅ Double or triple the clients than you have now

✅ Offer more services to clients as package & can charge more

✅ Scale faster with system to multiply your revenuw


You Can achieve all this with our handyprompts & Use AI's Full Potential

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Productivity Comparison

Do you know for a fact….

👉 Most people are using ChatGPT at less than 10% of it's real potential 👈

People use it to write a few tweets & correct their grammer etc.


We have many things which you might have no idea ChatGPT can do:

✅ Generate ideas to refresh creatives

✅ Research high-growth markets and audiences to target

✅ Write a personality-driven, weekly newsletter

✅ Brainstorm ideas for products

✅ Create a content marketing strategy

✅ Optimize Facebook ads and Email subject lines to increase clicks

✅ Create upsell pages

✅ Craft human-sounding reviews

✅ Write side-by-side product comparisons

✅ Suggest questions for podcast interviews

✅ Research meta-tags and write SEO-friendly descriptions

✅ Create quiz questions & results

✅ Craft ManyChat sequences

✅ Create word-by-word scripts for YouTube and reels

✅ Write SMS campaigns, reminders & follow-ups

✅ Create high-converting sales scripts

✅ Optimize social media bios & posts for increased engagement

✅ Identify your unique brand voice

✅ Translate website copy for a global audience

✅ Summarize data for reporting & client calls


😳 Yes, AI is that powerful.
😵 But what is the reason you need to know about this AI revolution?

Because what’s true is that AI is here to stay. Everyone from major venture capitalists to boutique advertising agencies to Bali freelancers is adopting it to not fall behind.

So we have two options…

x Adapt or die x

It’s as simple as that

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What can you do with these prompts

Save a great number of hours working on tedious tasks


Get ahead of your Competitors


Cut down your expences


Deliver Top-quality work at scale


Streamline your operations


Save your time so you can enjoy other things in life


Use ChatGPT's Full Potential With
Our Done-For-You Prompts

✨ Did you get excited about ChatGPT… and then felt it didn’t live up to its hype?

You are not alone. But the truth is that the current version of ChatGPT is only a beta test of the true power of AI that’s yet to come.

💡 Yet, 93% of digital marketers are NOT utilizing ChatGPT properly. Because unlocking the full power of AI comes only with precise prompts that deliver the right data.


Even a slight word shift can make or break your results. After all,

this is a piece of code – not a human!

How everyone is doing it:

❌ Try a few prompts, then quit

❌ Thinking ChatGPT is only for writing and summarizing

❌Unreliable results, varied quality

How you'll do it using our prompts:

✅ Go deep with the exact questions to ask

✅ Using ChatGPT for marketing strategy, creative ideation, compelling writing, and a measurable lift in performance

✅ Training the AI to compound your results

Are you ready to master the #1 tool
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marketing forever?

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This is just some of the tedious work

you'll be able to automate:

and much more……


Santiago Phoenix

Copywriter for 7-figure brands


“I write 60+ pieces of copy every single week. With these prompts, I was able to keep the level of quality that keeps my clients coming back… while saving at least ⅓ of the time. That’s a no-brainer for me!”


Stop dabbling with ChatGPT and simply copy & paste our proven
prompts, so you can save countless hours and scale with AI.

✅ 1,000+ copy & paste prompts for your most repeated tasks

✅ 99+ tasks you'll save time on using proven ChatGPT prompts

✅ Proven tricks to unlock ChatGPT fully

✅ Exact steps + examples to get reliable results & scale

Master ChatGPT while your competitors are still trying to figure it out!

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Are you afraid AI will replace you? 🤖

You are not alone. 

Just like the car replaced horses or Netflix destroyed Blockbuster…

The AI revolution is here to stay, and there's little to none that we can do about it.

70% of high performing marketers

claimed they have a fully defined

AI strategy (eConsultancy*).

82% of marketing leaders say

improving customer experience is

the leading factor in their decision

to adopt AI, followed by

improving performance metrics (Statista*).

A sneak-peek inside 👇

The only way to not only survive this disruption but to really

THRIVE is by rapid adaptation.

❌ AI will not replace marketers (yet) ❌

✅ But a marketer using AI can certainly replace you

That’s why the one difference between a struggling and a

thriving marketer will be the ability to leverage AI.

Not only as a tool – but as a true partner.

And the sooner you embrace this reality, the quicker you’ll be able to:

X Spend less time doing menial tasks, and more hours enjoying life

X  Double down on your strengths, and delegate everything

else to teams using AI

X Stop the time-for-money model that leads to burnout, and

instead price on VALUE and RESULTS 

This is our opportunity to solve bigger problems and simplify our work.

…but it’ll only happen if we know how to use AI to our advantage.

Zero Risk free 15-day money-back guarantee


Catherine Williams

SaaS entrepreneur

“I tried ChatGPT after a friend recommended it but got terrible results. The stuff it gave me was interesting, but not really usable in my business. With these prompts, I was able to re-write my whole welcome sequence in one sitting, and saw a 17% lift in clicks! And what I loved the most was training the AI to mimic my voice”

Over 1,000+ copy & paste prompts to stop worrying

about AI and start leveraging it instead 👇

Includes 99+ tasks you’ll save time on using proven

ChatGPT prompts 👇

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Ready to save time, ditch tedious

work, and scale in the AI era?


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leveraging AI:

✅  1,000+ copy & paste prompts for digital marketers and entrepreneurs.

✅ 99+ tasks for all your marketing needs

✅ Everything from email marketing to SEO, viral creatives, product ideation, YouTube ads, landing page copy, Twitter marketing & more.

✅ Tips, examples, and exact prompts to automate everything

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Have more questions? Here are your answers!

Why Do I need Prompts When I can come up with ideas myself

ChatGPT uses a language model that relies on very precise phrases to deliver quality results. This means that one single word can ruin results, or really boost them.

Using our prompts, you’ll be able to save time and unlock features of ChatGPT you never thought possible (while your competition is still trying to manually type all their questions).

Who is this Prompt pack for

We designed this pack to serve the specific needs of digital marketers, agency owners, copywriters, designers, and online entrepreneurs.

How is this pack different from other youtube videos and free packs

The reason why you’re reading this is that you likely don’t have much free time. So why not get all the condensed, researched prompts that are proven to work?

We haven’t found any ChatGPT Prompt Pack that includes the vast level of detail and the number of tasks that we included. It has everything a digital marketer needs to thrive, plus lifetime updates to never fall behind.

Will this hel me with other AI like chatsonic & Bard

Sure! ChatGPT is only the most viral AI right now, but these prompts are equally applicable to any other AI that uses a dialogue model to operate. Microsoft will soon embed to Bing, their search engine, and you can sure use our prompt pack there!

How will I get access to the prompts after payment

We will send you a direct link immediately after you complete your purchase.

I still have questions

Sure! Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will take care of you.

Get The Marketer's Bible to ChatGPT
Now 🔥

Limited Time Sale - 95% OFF

✅ 1,000+ copy & paste prompts for digital marketers and entrepreneurs

✅ Everything from email marketing to SEO, viral creatives, product ideation, YouTube ads, landing page copy, Twitter marketing & more

✅ 50+ examples to get personalized results

✅ Tips + prompts to automate everything

✅ 14-day money-back guarantee

Risk free 15-day money-back guarantee


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